Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Sandy Bay and Taroona

Welcome to our parish! Nestled between the River Derwent and the foothills of Mount Wellington, it is undoubtedly in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable.

But I hope you would find that the true beauty lies in the people of the parish. Our hospitality and friendship is the natural overflow of our commitment to be the face of Catholic Christianity in this part of Hobart.

Naturally, we centre on the Mass. Each of the four major celebrations has its own character and distinctive musical note. I hope you might find one which enables you to prayerfully participate in this special way in which the Risen Lord is present for us. In addition there are opportunities for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, recitation of the Rosary, following Franciscan spirituality and so on.

Because of our proximity to the university, we are blessed with the presence of students and staff from around the world, especially during semester periods. They bring a fresh vitality to the parish which we appreciate.

You will see on the website plenty of evidence of the range of activities to be found in the parish. We emphasise responding to those seeking after truth, and engaging in practical social justice.

Like the Wise Men from the East, people find themselves following the star of a personal relationship, or aesthetic intuition, or intellectual quest, and find themselves knocking on the door. We hope to satisfy their curiosity from the Catholic traditon of Christianity and lead them, like the Magi, to adore the baby in the manger.

We also have a wide range of St Vincent de Paul activities for the local community, and extensive overseas outreach, particularly focusing on Tanzania. The generosity of parishioners is indeed outstanding.

I count myself fortunate to be the parish priest of such a community and I look forward to meeting you personally should you simply call in or become a parishioner.

Fr Michael Tate

This Week's Homily by Fr Michael Tate

  • Feast of the Holy Family, Year B: The Liberation of Women

    Luke 2:22-40

    One of the most dramatic scenes in the Gospels is the ‘Cleansing of the Temple’. We have all seen images of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers and shattering the cages in which doves and pigeons were kept. They fly away – liberated.

    But, I think Jesus was concerned not so much to liberate the pigeons and doves, as to liberate women.

    Let us go back to today’s Gospel.

    Mary and Joseph, faithful Jews, go up to the temple following Jesus’ birth. Certain rituals must be performed. There is the buying back of the first born who belongs to God. But for Mary there is another ritual to be observed.

    Mary, having lost blood in the process … more