Korean Community

The Korean Catholic Community in this parish is the only Korean Catholic group in Tasmania. It started at St Mary’s Cathedral and was approved by Archbishop Adrian Doyle in September 2006. Since then, the Korean community organised Masses in Korean every month and the Sydney Korean Catholic Church in Silverwater supports these services by sending over Korean priests and sisters. 

The community moved their activities to the Sandy Bay parish when a Korean priest, Fr Jeon Stephano, came here to learn English and moved into the parish in early 2011. As a result, the Catholic Korean Community activities moved to our parish with the support of Fr Tate and Archbishop Doyle. A number of Catholic Korean families have adopted our parish as their home church. Fr Stephano is now based in Sydney but the community continues its activities in our parish. They meet regularly in the parish centre for prayer, catechesis and social activities.  Also, the Mass in Korean is offered every few months   

Please contact the Parish Secretary or Byeong (bhkang@utas.edu.au) if you are interested in the Korean community.