The Sunday Masses are at the core of our parish and there are many people involved in ensuring that the Masses run smoothly and prayerfully. Some of the ministries include:


Musicians and singers add an important dimension to the Mass. We are ever grateful to these talented people who, as well as playing/singing at Mass, put in a great deal of preparation time. If you have any musical talent that you are willing to share, please speak to Fr Nichols or contact the parish office.


Readers, Lectors, Ministers of the Word ... call them what you will, these are the people who proclaim the Word of God.


Ministers of Communion assist with distribution of Communion at Mass. We are always looking for more people to assist with this ministry, so please speak to Fr Nichols if you would like to take on this role. There is also a team of Communion Ministers who take Communion to the housebound and to Queenborough Rise.


Altar servers assist the priest during Mass and contribute to the dignity and reverence with which the Mass is conducted.


Greeters, as the name suggests, greet people at the entrance to the church. A welcoming smile, a friendly greeting (and a parish newsletter) makes the world of difference for many people. If there is no-one "on duty" feel free to jump in and hand newsletters to people as they arrive.


Hospitality: the greeters are the first sign of hospitality and welcome, and this is followed up by the people who prepare and serve tea and coffee (after some of the Masses). Mingling with parishioners and introducing newcomers is also an important, though informal, ministry.


The Sacristan ensures the church and sacristies are kept in order. This includes maintaining supplies of candles, altar breads etc, ensuring there are always clean altar cloths on the altars and so on. A thousand and one little tasks, many of which change as the liturgical seasons change.


Flower arranging is carried out by a small but talented and dedicated group. Not only do they arrange the flowers each week, but they first raid their own gardens and gardens of friends and neighbours! They would be very happy to enlist other people who would be willing to go onto the roster, and are always on the lookout for supplies of flowers and suitable foliage.